With Red Palm I wanted to help a good-guy/friend/small business owner, sharpen my writing chops, and prove that SEO writing can be intelligent, engaging, and well-written even if “nobody will read it.” Recent samples are below.

Buffington Family Medicine.

Families come to Buffington Family Medicine for a variety of reasons. Medical care: duh! But people also have questions for doctors and nurses, and Buffington wants to provide answers any way they can.

In recently writing for Buffington (blog), I didn’t want to regurgitate posts and resources already on the web (there are billions). I preferred to make sense of complicated subjects and package and present them in a way that’s intelligent, meaningful, useful, and, above all, readable and accurate.

Subjects include:

Series on immunizations

Series on allergies

Series on ADHD

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The Brent Germany Team.

Egos are big in real estate. Competition is fierce. In addition to being on billboards and bus benches, high profile realtors are invading the digital world with websites, blogs, Facebook pages, LinkedIn accounts, Twitter posts, Instagram uploads, anything to get their names and faces out there.

Brent Germany, who is building a team of young, dynamic real estate professionals, doesn’t want high profile for high profile’s sake. His desire is to deliver clients smart, helpful, localized information to help them understand and successfully navigate the confusing world of real estate when buying or selling a house.

It’s important to Germany that he speaks from the heart, openly, honestly, and with authority, not like a snake oil salesman advertising on the side of a bus. (How accomplished.)

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Between newspapers and magazines, product design and development, the corporate world, blogging and SEO writing, I’ve written on pretty much every industry. Additional SEO topics include:

Roofing and Construction: Praus

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning: Metro Energy and Minuteman HVAC

Home DIY (numerous)

Financial and Insurance (numerous)

And so on and so forth.

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