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Discoveries Still Relevant Today.

I had no idea how journalism would fit with product design and development. But it did. I mixed investigative reporting with design research and design thinking to come up with Investigative Design, a process that produced unexpected discoveries that are still relevant today. To learn more, scroll below.

This is Ivn. In a casual conversation he explained how he consumes news and information: “I like to know things, so that’s how I get information. Social information, we’ll say.” From that emerged Social Information Networks, a model we used to develop concepts for The Dallas Morning News that remain in use today. The rest of the story.

This is Gary. He helped us understand the coming crapstorm of converging technologies, which spurred concepts for products and services that Radio Shack was too dodo bird to develop. Even so, many of these concepts contained ideas that became game changersThe rest of the story.

This is Howard. He overheard me telling someone about a power sander Porter Cable planned to manufacture. Howard said, “The professionals will never use it.” We had to find out why, which led to understanding the “sanding experience” and a new category of products. The rest of the story.

This is Kim. She placed a wind-up mechanical clock under her bed to force her to wake up every morning. She showed us that understanding the “ritual of sleep” was much more important than designing another cool-looking clock radio. Our quest became “How do you design trust into a clock radio?” The rest of the story.

Includes one of the world’s first “data watches” (Fossil). The first digital cell phone developed by a Japanese company (Fujitsu) for sale in the United States. Consumer electronics (Texas Instruments, Sirius Radio, Leapfrog), projectors (TI), and much, much more. Some other stuff.