I Tell Stories.

Of People, Places, and Things.

I Tell Stories

Because stories are important. They’re how we communicate. How we learn. They’re easier to remember and retell. They inform, educate, inspire, entertain. They are power.

Of People, Places, and Things

Stories are not just about people. They involve places, things, activities, details, complexities, nuances . . . and all must be understood, as a whole, to successfully tell one’s story.

My Desire

Is to tell stories — and help average people and companies tell their stories — through original research, sense-making, and writing to create compelling content and unexpected and engaging products, strategies, and experiences.



To learn more, poke around the site. I explain my Distinctive Careers here and the Stuff that Makes Me . . . Me here. I also provide a Resume Overview and Resume Download. Thanks for stopping by.

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