I Tell Stories.

Of people, places, and things.

My Mission.

Is to deliver intelligent, engaging content through original research and sense-making to create compelling stories, actionable strategies, and enjoyable products, services, and experiences on any platform.

The Threads.

Research and storytelling are the threads that tie together three distinctive careers — journalism, product design and development, and education. Research and storytelling inform, inspire, and provide readers, coworkers, clients, students — everybody, really — with a better understanding of the world around them . . . and the people, places, and things in it.

Distinctive Careers.


First up, journalism: beat writing and investigative reporting. It certainly was a wild and crazy ride.

Media & Outlets

Include: The Dallas Times Herald, The Bradenton Herald (Fla.), and The State (S.C.). Contributed to: The Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel (Fla.), The Hartford Courant (Conn.), Sports Illustrated, among others, and radio and television outlets. Digital outlets include: last100.com and readwriteweb.com, websites and blogs for SEO clients (in Texas, Alabama, Georgia, New York), others.


Next, a surprising twist. When the newspaper was bought and put out of business, a new challenge presented itself in product design and development. How could I apply investigative journalism in a new (to me) industry? Hmmm.

Clients & Projects

Company: Ignition, Inc.. Clients: Texas Instruments, RadioShack, The Dallas Morning News, Porter-Cable, Fossil, Leapfrog, Alcatel, others. Industries: mobile, mobile computing, computing, entertainment, media, Do It Yourself, education, fashion, communications, B2B, others.


In yet another twist, I was recruited to bring this hybrid of investigative journalism and research for product design and development (known as Investigative Design) to college students who needed to think outside the classroom.

The University of Texas at Dallas

Taught classes in the Arts & Technology and Emerging Media & Communications programs. Students included: undergraduates and graduates. Classes included: Business and the Digital Arts, Interactive Design, Introduction to Arts & Technology, Content Development for New Media. Teamed with the Dallas Museum of Art to host and moderate ArtBytes, a monthly discussion on the intersection of art and technology.

Get to Know Me

If you have a moment and you’re curious . . . click these handy dandy links to learn more about Careers, what drives me (Profile), the stuff that makes me . . . me (About), and a resume overview. Thanks for reading this far. Much appreciated.

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