I Tell Stories.

Of People, Places, and Things.

Why “I Tell Stories?”

Because stories are important. They’re how we communicate. How we learn. They’re easier to remember and retell. They entertain, inform, inspire, transform. Most of all: Stories are power.

Why “People, Places, and Things?”

Because stories are not just about people. They involve places, things, activities, details, complexities, nuances . . . and all must be understood, as a whole, to successfully tell one’s story.

My Mission

Is to tell stories through original research, sense-making, and writing/storytelling to create compelling, accurate content and produce unexpected and engaging products, strategies, and experiences.

Get to Know Me

If you have a moment and you’re curious . . . click these handy dandy links (or visit the nav menu above) to learn more about my Distinctive Careers (linkand the stuff that makes me . . . me (About). There’s also a bonus Resume Overview and actual resume. Thanks for reading this far.

@ the Grand Canyon

About the Images

We live in a visual world. I understand that. Even so, I’ve chosen not to be Stock Photo PC. The images here are not perfect, and I’m OK with that because they’re genuine. They’re mine. They tell stories (of people, places, and things) from the field and in the moment.

Orange Underlines?

What’s with the orange underlines? I’m playing with storytelling form by adding random notes, quips, non sequiturs. Sometimes informative. Sometimes not. If Al Franken can do it, so can I.