I Tell Stories.

Of People, Places, and Things.

Why “I Tell Stories?”

Because no matter what industry I’m working in, knowing how to get to information, understanding it, and turning it into compelling content via vibrant storytelling is essential and at the heart of what I do.

Why “People, Places, and Things?”

Because stories are not just about people. They involve places, things, and so much more. All must be understood, as a whole, to successfully tell stories in an age of information noise.

My Mission

Is to deliver intelligent, engaging content through original research, sense-making, and storytelling to create compelling, successful products, services, strategies, and experiences.

Get to Know Me

If you have a moment and you’re curious . . . click these handy dandy links to learn more about my Distinctive Careers, what drives me (Profile), the stuff that makes me . . . me (About). There’s also a bonus Resume Overview. Thanks for reading this far.

@ the Grand Canyon