I Tell Stories.

Of People, Places, and Things.

This Is Me

The common thread running through my career as a newspaper reporter, investigative journalist, product designer and developer, researcher, educator, and consultant is the desire to inform, educate, and instruct through engaging storytelling.

My work is fueled by original research, connecting-the-dots sense-making, and writing to create compelling content and strategies.


Poke Around the Site

To learn more. Experience matters, and I present my Distinctive Careers here and the Stuff that Makes Me . . . Me here. For convenience here’s a Resume Overview and resume. Thanks for stopping by.

@ the Grand Canyon

About My Images

I’m not sure why this even matters. But we live in a visual world. Folks want to see pictures and videos rather than read words. Often those images just aren’t real. They’re stock photos or ripped off from somebody else via the web. Mine are not always the best, but they are genuine. They tell stories from the field and in the moment.

Orange Underlines?

What’s with the orange underlines? They’re asides, random notes, quips, non sequiturs. Web content can be so stuffy.